The Senior Ladies and Senior Men completed the Nordics Open sunday with their Free Skate.

Oona Ounasvuori secured one more Gold medal to Finland by winning the Ladies competition. In her Short Program she made figure skating seem effortless with smooth landings and strong, beautiful spins, which gave her the lead. She also won the Free Skate with strong combination jumps, with credit for highlight distribution as well as excellent interpretation of music, skating skills and performance. Her total score reached 169.00 points.

The silver medalist came a long way to join our competition. Tzu-Han Ting from Chinese TaiPei was in third place before the Free Skate.  She is an expressive skater with high speed in her level-4 spins and a very good step sequence in the Free Skate, in which she came in second. Her total point score was 161,40.

The bronze medal went to Finlands Olivia Lisko, who turned a fifth place in the Short Program into a third place in the Free Skate with a total score of 149,63 points.

Tzu-Han Ting, TPE

Oona Ounasvuori, FIN

Olivia Lisko, FIN

The Senior Mens event was affected by many withdraws. Originally there were 12 men entering the comptetion, but only five came through. But we were happy to have every one of them here in Hørsholm, as they as allways get the audience on their toes with the speed and action on the ice.

Valtter Virtanen, Finland, won both the Short Program and the Free Skate, and was thereby the winner of the Nordics Open with 190,63 points. Valtter presented a clean Short Program with a lot of plusses in the GOE’s and level-4 spins and step seqences. He opened the Free Skate with a 4 Toeloop that was judged underrotated, but nevertheless not seen many times before on Danish ice.

The Polish Kornel Witkowski claimed the silver with 182,10 points with his artistic programs where he among other presented a very good 3 axel in the Short Program and very good skating skills.

In third place was Oliver Praetorius from Sweeden, who was in fourth place after the Short Program.  He earned a total of 159,82 point.

Kornel Witkowski, POL

Valtter Virtanen, FIN

Oliver Praetorius, SWE

Photo Credit: Steen Nielsen

The Finnish team of Junior Ladies kept the top-five positions today, though the best three skaters swapped places with each other in the Free Skate. 

Overall Janna Jyrkinen claimed the gold with 150,79 points. Her program today was not as clean as yesterday, but the difficulty of the program was still high. She has beautifull movements on the ice and arms of a ballerina and presents gorgeus level 4 piruettes. The Free Skate gave her the  third place today.

Iida Karhunen
 won the Free Skate, but she was number three after the Short Program, which overall gives her the silver medal with 149,01 points. Though she doesn’t take much room on the ice, she captures the audience with her speed, selfconfidence and presentation as well as a strong and well executed program.

After the Short Program
 Petra Lahti was third, but today she came in second in the Free Skate with a very good program. Overall Petra claimes the bronze medal with 144,96 points.

The medals was presented by the President of the Danish Figure Skating Union Ms. Camilla Lyngsø and the President of Hørsholm Skating Club Mrs. Marjo Juntunen

Iida Karhunen, FIN

Janna Jyrkinen, FIN

Petra Lahti, FIN

Photo Credit: Steen Nielsen

The second day of the competition was rounded with the prize givings in the Advanced Novice Boys, Advanced Novice Girls and Junior Men. The Mayor of Hørsholm, Mr. Morten Slotved, handed over the medals accompanied by the President of the Danish Figure Skating Union, Mrs. Camilla Lyngsø.

Advanced Novice Boys

Matias Heinonen from Finland claimed the first place in the Free Skate with a good and difficult program, and took the gold medal with 100,99 points. In second place from Finland with 86,10 points was Anton Erkama, as Daniil Valanow from Norway took the bronze with 82,78 points. 

Anton Erkama, FIN

Matias Heinonen, FIN

Daniil Valanow, NOR

Advanced Novice Girls

In the Advanced Novice Girls competition all the girls changed position after the Free Skate, and it was Lotta Artimo, Finland, who was in  fifth place after the short program, who claimed the gold today. Lotta earned a total of 106,88 points with a program with a lot of tripple jumps and good speed over the ice. Also from Finland, Amanda Eskelin, took the silver with a total of 104,12 points while Norways Pernille With was third with a total of 97,91 points.


Amanda Eskelin, FIN

Lotta Artimo, FIN

Pernille With, NOR

Junior Men

Top three in the Junior Mens competition was very strong junior skaters. The winner Andreas Nordebäck, Sweeden, again performed a very convincing program packed with difficult jumps and beautifull spins. He has overall good performance skills and his 130,04 points in the Free Skate was well deserved. The total score was 195,87 point. In second place came Casper Johansson, Sweeden, with 182,48 points and on third place from Finland, Matias Lindfors with 161,38 points.

Caspar Johansson, SWE

Andreas Nordebäck, SWE

Matias Lindfors, FIN

Photo Credit: Steen Nielsen


Early this morning it was discovered that the ice in the practice arena has been destroyed during the night. We have therefore been forced to revise the schedules, so all practice now will take place in the competition arena.

The competition schedule is now as follows:

12:50 – 14:05 SENIOR Women SP – The Nordics Open
14:35 – 15:10 SENIOR MEN SP – The Nordics Open
15:40 – 18:40 JUNIOR WOMEN FS – The Nordics Open

10:00 – 11:35 SENIOR WOMEN FS – The Nordics Open
13:00 – 13:40 SENIOR MEN FS – The Nordics Open


See the complete new time schedule


The first day of the Nordics is now well done and we are happy to have so many talented skaters present in Hørsholm. Especially for the Finnish skaters today has been a great day as they are in the lead in three of the four categories after the Short Programs.

In Junior Women the Finnish skaters are in the 1st to 5th place, as Janna Jyrkinen is leading with 60,57 points. In second place with 52,58 points we have Iida Karhunen and third is Petra Lahti with 50,33 points. Janna Jyrkinen presented a clean program with a high degree of difficulty which was rewarded by the judges with plus in all GOE’s  and level 4 in all elements.

The Junior Mens competition is led by Andreas Nordebäck from Sweeden, who also did a smooth and clean, highly difficult program with fast and innovative  level-4 spins. Andreas earned  65,83 points and is closely followed by Casper Johansson from Sweeden in second place with 65,71 points. Matias Lindfors, Finland, is in third place with 61,37 point after the Short Program.

Amanda Eskelin, Finland, has taken the lead in Advanced Novice Girls. Amanda seems like a determined young lady who after taken a fall in the first jump – the 3 lutz – carries beautifully on with the rest of the program with no further mistakes.  She is rewarded with bonus points in two of her jumps and gets a total score of 39,99. Pernille With, Norway, is in second place with 36,72 point and Kiia Kurkinen, Finland, in third place with 35,17 point.

The Novice Boys competition is led by Matias Heinonen, Finland, with 37,55 point. Matias opened with a fine 2 axel and presented very good speed in his spins. Also from Finland on second place is Anton Erkama with 34,94 point and on third place we have the Norwegian skater Daniil Valanov with 31,06 point.

Two tested positive this morning

Though we have taken good precausions and required two tests before entering the ‘bubble’, unfortunately today one skater and one volunteer tested positive for Covid-19 and had to leave the competition. In both cases they had taken a second PCR-test yesterday, which was not mandatory. And the results came in this morning.

All results

We are looking forward to welcoming you at The Nordics and The Nordics Open 2022 in Hørsholm in two weeks.

The preparations have been going on for several months and we are so happy that the Danish Health Department now is releasing more of the Covid-19 restrictions here in Denmark. We are eager to give you the best possible protection from the Covid-19 infection and there will therefore be several actions taken in that regard.

The Competition will be held in a ‘bubble’, as all participants must stay within the Hotel, the Venue and the official bus transportation. This includes all skaters, coaches, judges, team leaders, officials as well as the Organizing Committee, whereas audience and chaperones will be outside the bubble.

All the Draws will be completed by two judges and two Team Leaders, all randomly selected, and presented on the Competition App as well as on the website right after the Draw.

We have 87 skaters entering the Nordics Open from the Nordic Countries, as well as from Argentina, Austria, Chinese Taipei, Mexico and Turkey.  See the full list of entries