Strong senior performances rounds up the Nordics Open

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The Senior Ladies and Senior Men completed the Nordics Open sunday with their Free Skate.

Oona Ounasvuori secured one more Gold medal to Finland by winning the Ladies competition. In her Short Program she made figure skating seem effortless with smooth landings and strong, beautiful spins, which gave her the lead. She also won the Free Skate with strong combination jumps, with credit for highlight distribution as well as excellent interpretation of music, skating skills and performance. Her total score reached 169.00 points.

The silver medalist came a long way to join our competition. Tzu-Han Ting from Chinese TaiPei was in third place before the Free Skate.  She is an expressive skater with high speed in her level-4 spins and a very good step sequence in the Free Skate, in which she came in second. Her total point score was 161,40.

The bronze medal went to Finlands Olivia Lisko, who turned a fifth place in the Short Program into a third place in the Free Skate with a total score of 149,63 points.

Tzu-Han Ting, TPE

Oona Ounasvuori, FIN

Olivia Lisko, FIN

The Senior Mens event was affected by many withdraws. Originally there were 12 men entering the comptetion, but only five came through. But we were happy to have every one of them here in Hørsholm, as they as allways get the audience on their toes with the speed and action on the ice.

Valtter Virtanen, Finland, won both the Short Program and the Free Skate, and was thereby the winner of the Nordics Open with 190,63 points. Valtter presented a clean Short Program with a lot of plusses in the GOE’s and level-4 spins and step seqences. He opened the Free Skate with a 4 Toeloop that was judged underrotated, but nevertheless not seen many times before on Danish ice.

The Polish Kornel Witkowski claimed the silver with 182,10 points with his artistic programs where he among other presented a very good 3 axel in the Short Program and very good skating skills.

In third place was Oliver Praetorius from Sweeden, who was in fourth place after the Short Program.  He earned a total of 159,82 point.

Kornel Witkowski, POL

Valtter Virtanen, FIN

Oliver Praetorius, SWE

Photo Credit: Steen Nielsen

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