Finland swept the ice in Junior Ladies

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The Finnish team of Junior Ladies kept the top-five positions today, though the best three skaters swapped places with each other in the Free Skate. 

Overall Janna Jyrkinen claimed the gold with 150,79 points. Her program today was not as clean as yesterday, but the difficulty of the program was still high. She has beautifull movements on the ice and arms of a ballerina and presents gorgeus level 4 piruettes. The Free Skate gave her the  third place today.

Iida Karhunen
 won the Free Skate, but she was number three after the Short Program, which overall gives her the silver medal with 149,01 points. Though she doesn’t take much room on the ice, she captures the audience with her speed, selfconfidence and presentation as well as a strong and well executed program.

After the Short Program
 Petra Lahti was third, but today she came in second in the Free Skate with a very good program. Overall Petra claimes the bronze medal with 144,96 points.

The medals was presented by the President of the Danish Figure Skating Union Ms. Camilla Lyngsø and the President of Hørsholm Skating Club Mrs. Marjo Juntunen

Iida Karhunen, FIN

Janna Jyrkinen, FIN

Petra Lahti, FIN

Photo Credit: Steen Nielsen

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